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Angela is an awesome Travel Agent. She has always been so helpful and efficient at finding great options and great deals. She has book cruises and also land vacation all inclusive packages. We had a wonderful time in Jamaica, Las Vegas, Bahamas, Mexico and Aruba. The transportation and hotel accommodations were wonderful. Every vacation including the group vacations were great. We were very happy to go with the service that Angela provides with Abundant Excursion. The entire process was stress free and I think we got a wonderful deal. Angela will give you her honest opinion on any hotel or cruise line and she is not in this to make money, but to make sure the service she provides is what you like and enjoy.

Shanette Caldwell
Park Forest, IL

When I was planning my Honeymoon in 2010, the first person who came to my mind was Angela from Abundant Excursions. Because I have known Angela practically all of my life, I knew that she was a hard worker and would do her best to get me and my husband the best deal and a fabulous time. AND SHE DID!!! We were so happy and looked forward to working with her again. So in 2014, when I was planning my 40th birthday trip, I knew that Angela would come through for me again. She made sure that I had all of the bells and whistles to celebrate this milestone in my life. I will forever work with Angele when planning trips for my family because she has never let me down and I know that she never will.

Thank You, Angela!!

I have used Abundant Excursions Travel for over 7 years and each experience has been well worth it. Angela is very patient and works tirelessly to cater to all of my requests. Each and every birthday trip has been made special because of Angela! I’m sure that I’m given the best prices and definitely recommend Abundant Excursions!

Tracee Wilson


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